Loupedeck CT workflow review in DaVinci Resolve

Szymon Antoni Jędrys

Szymon Antoni Jędrys


I received for testing Loupdeck CT – small console for post-production. Device equipped with touch panels, knobs and manual buttons – as an alternative to the mouse and keyboard. Loupedeck is advertised as a solution for speed up work and improve workflow in editing programs.

Until now, Loupedeck has worked mainly with Adobe applications.

However, for several days Loupedeck CT also works with Da Vinci Resolve.

Check my honest opinion reviewing posibilities and limitations for this piece of kit. Feel free to download and use my Custom Profile and if you are thinking about getting a CT you can use my discount code:

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What I have prepared in this  video below is an example of my workflow, of course you can download it and add it to your Loupedeck CT device.
However, I think everyone should create their own profile reflecting individual needs and workflow. Bring up the most frequently used commands, map them on touch panels, knobs and whenever you think it works for you. Spend some time learning a device and it will pay off in your next edits.

Finally, Loupedeck CT is very well designed, it is handy, it is not tacky, and it is pleasant to work with.
The programming possibilities of the device are basically unlimited. The software is constantly updated and hopefully Loupedeck will be able to access Blackmagic Design API as it is with Adobe.

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